momentum those heart failed to felt
to hold on pillow
never found on bed
to have face
as if lover dearly
inside his arms
kissed ..n warmth his chest
a resting place
night is surely jealous
sky is making love
stars are beloved
lovely words pour like
rain cloud bursting
a creative rhyme
no matter what if no one hearing
drawing away lighting beauty
in joyful angelic heart
water inside desert fear
now i wish to see a falling star
get a quilt
let the night have warm privacy
in dreamy dream sleep
beyond jealous evil whistle
i know
water too flows under desert.
By : LityMunshi


Looking down at time of pride . Looking up when i made proud someone. Looking besides that for if someone is walking with at same speed what she has. There is mountain high illusion in mind about affectionate love . Around illusion there are no one to care correcting fault . She knows to get love by serve love to dear beloved. Highly knowledge or few excellent qualifications are deepest worrying part for those who does not understand much. Unique life has no easy path .sources of happiness comes not without companion in name of betrayal sorrows. So if you ever meet an unique girl ,hold her hands tight. She is unique by universal innocent believes in her heart. Once she loves this planet too much . Everything came along with burden of needs and leaving behind saying no sweet goodbye. If you meet her -love her as she is by her less of knowledge. Her messed up beauty and flaws in character should touched by your warmth. Her quality may helps you to motivated or to be rich in power to show up her as jewel. Then she is unknowingly waiting when you will love her at time she is most illiterate, or ugly bitter faithless or trust less. If you meet her such soul ,love her by all her flaws . In love in care .perhaps humanity still breathe alive . If you meet such her , do not let go her without believing life after losing her track in her unknown new faiths. Let me hope when you are going to meet her ,you would say ‘ spelling is wrong, see – let me show how it should be ‘
By LityMunshi
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Self address

“One part of tour took nearly
twenty years globally, then middle tour to get settled
at a station took another three years. Coming to city
from a village took complete three years. Village to
City, from urban to self journey took another seventeen years.
Coming from starting corner in search of self journey took around
half of the time within life’s store.”
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Finding happiness inside big,small, simple and complex situations.

Nowadays i can laughed at me. For my own stupid mistakes. I laughed to my situation. This is not easy but remind me, how much i am in control not to be out of control. That is big thing which makes me happy .
Little things are many. In different types of voices one crow regularly irritate me at that time when i am trying to concentrate on something. Because of his / her ragas, I slipped each second to hear its tone! Few moments, and it starts to tickle me in funny smile. This small thing helps me to be healthy.
complex? And that too , is making me happy? Honestly complex subjects are for stress. So i try in such situations, to take things at present. Being at present helps me to be happy even it is too much to handle in complexity. While failed stress come and sit in atmosphere , like an unwanted visitor .
Finding happiness is regular task. You may have your own setup then few unexpected things always would find a way to enter your routine.
Surprisingly, turning in beautiful happy green ,red,yellow colours how much was difficult, turning blue is that much easy to spoil my happiness. In a second -i need to start from a beginning. That is why happiness is costly. All do not know how to consume its sweetness.